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The RISE website (Resources in Special Education) is a site created for teacher education interns and instructors at Michigan State University. It is designed to provide online resources, support, and answers to the questions, challenges, and issues teacher education students face when educating and working with students with special needs.

The website is divided into six main areas: FAQs, Professional Resources, Classroom Tools, Case Studies, In Touch, and Tip of the Week.

Answers to frequently asked questions about special education issues can be found here, as well as responses to questions that are posed by interns using the website. This section is divided alphabetically by key words. Go to FAQs.

The Professional Resources section provides information and resources about special education in general as well as information about working with parents, families and community organizations; professional organizations; and professional learning opportunities. This section also provides resources and information on “hot topics” in special education. Go to Professional Resources.

The Classroom Tools section has resources and information that relate to areas that are pertinent to the classroom and the teaching and learning of all students. Under this section information and resources can be found on teaching activities and ideas, including links to online student activities; lesson plans; behavior/classroom management; and technology and assistive technology. Go to Classroom Tools.

The Case Studies section provides written and video case studies that explore issues related to the teaching and learning of students with special needs. Go to Case Studies.

The In Touch section allows interns to communicate with the RISE staff and with each other. The In Touch features include help-on-demand, where questions can be posed to RISE staff, as well as a contact us area. Go to In Touch.

The Tip of the Week offers a helpful suggestion for working with students, teachers and/or parents. Go to Tip of the Week.